We design and manufacture innovative products for home and building automation based on the worldwide standard KNX. ELAUSYS is a certified KNX manufacturer of the KNX Association.

ELAUSYS is a certified KNX Manufacturer

ELAUSYS MSA-810 - KNX Switch Actuator 8x10A Small

A modular actuator system with extension modules to fit all your applications, from small to large installation with only one KNX master device !

ELAUSYS IGW-01-KNX Input Gateway

A gateway for connecting binary inputs and sensors to KNX.  A cost effective and powerful solution. Fully compatible with KNX, all your inputs are managed from a single KNX device !

JA-KNX Jablotron KNX Interface

KNX Gateways to interface any product or system with a KNX building automation system.


Binary inputs modules are easy to fit behind pushbuttons, ranging from 1 to 8 binary inputs, each device include an internal temperature sensor and an extra input for an external temperature probe.

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